Location: “Under” (relative to the Official Direction Attaining Ritual) the astral sea.
Size: 115,000 Square Kilometers (about 71,000 Square Miles)
Climate(s): Desert, Jungle, Swamp, Forest, Plains, Mountains, Foothills, Tundra
Description: A large cake of rock and dirt floating “underneath” the astral sea. Naturally Magical, not naturally inhabited by naturally sentient species. (Native magical sentient species do occur)


West Earthfell

“The Lowlands”
When the humanity made a resurgence, it used the vast, stretching plains of the West as a staging ground for their expansion. The ability to see almost one hundred kilometers in every direction from the stronghold at Perbealk Terrace made this an easily secured region, and thus, a perfect place to start a kingdom. Unfortunately, great dust storms wracked the plains during the second season, proving for harsh times to those without shelter. Although the Earthfell Tutela’s Army was still somewhat small in size, humanity was able to push several major victories against the Feywildian settlers in the ensuing “Wild Years.” However, with massive population migration to the East, the Western kingdom was abandoned just as quickly as it had been built. Now, it is a temperate and quiet testament to the recent decade of shifting power; it’s barren landscape pockmarked with the remains of skirmishes and burned towns.

East Eartfell

Although easily occupied, the West had little in the way of resources. Humanity was forced to spread to the East, being funneled by the Feywildian magical influence in the south and the harsh, inhospitable conditions in the north. Here in the East, after an initially rough beginning including a small war between The Earthfell Tutela and Astral settlers and a plague, the humans carved out a new civilization, one clearing at a time. Using the mineral-rich soil and the dense forests, the region soon overshadowed the West in terms of population, and before long, the West was forgotten about.

South Earthfell

North Earthfell



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