Welcome to Earthfell. Here, our resources are embodied in spirits, and our race a simple concept of it’s past glory.

After the collapse of the Great Empire 50 years ago, our beautiful realm fell into disorder and inactivity, and the other realms spread their influence little by little. It was not the end of the world; just the end of freedom. Freedom from fear and freedom from death. What few Human kingdoms remained scoured the ruins of past civilizations for sustenance and cover from the hells of Earthfell.

Massive armies of diverse forces, named “Tutelas”, although commonly referred to as Legions, were trained by the Empire to protect this realm from the others; one Tutela for each accessible realm. After the politicians and assassins gutted the Empire from the inside out, the Tutela, one-by-one, fell to the corruption and allure of the very realms they were created defend against. During the initial decade of chaos and destruction, the future of Earthfell seemed tarnished and scuttled. Through the murk, however, a light shown: deserters of then-corrupting Tutelas formed their own Earthfell Tutela. Over the years, they established strongholds and destroyed centers of influence from other realms. East Earthfell’s wounds were licked clean by the blades and blood of what was now known as The Legion, and Humanity started to take hold once again, spreading her wings like a newborn phoenix from the ashes of a previous life. Now, 30 years later, Humanity controls all but North Earthfell, and although rough around the edges, towns and cities dot the freshly drawn maps of New Earthfell. But, like all history says, there is no hope without despair; no construction without destruction, and no peace without conflict. The Shadowfell, uncontacted for decades, is breaking it’s shell of seclusion under the reign of a new ruler, a ruler with an interesting goal and raging ambition.

Beneath the madness and the fury of war, a mis-matched party of beings cling to each other in an adventure to remember. Along the way, they meet persons both sinister and paragon, hunting for 6 amethysts known only as the Earthfell Chromas; artifacts from a more civilized time.

Flood of Shade

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